Saturday, May 12, 2012



I was digging threw old facebook pictures and I found some really old pictures of my family! (= I thought I would share them with you peoples!

 ME! <3
 Becca and Cory! <3
 Awe!! There so cute! Eli, Nick, Quinn, Cory, and Matt(dad.)
 Timothy, Me and Charity!
Becca and Quinn or Cory (not sure which.)

All of these are really old lolz! But looking back we all look quite a bit alike. Wanna see what we look like know?? Do ya, do ya!? Lolz okay 

 Cory and his wife Taylor.
 Becca her husband and their daughter. (They also have a baby boy.)
 Me and my Big sister Becca now. ( Can you guess who is who?)
 Timothy all grow up!
 Charity,Nick,and Eli.
My dad!! He's cool!
Quinn His wife and their little boy!

As I looked threw pictures I found us making faces that matched each other. Its crazy to think that we all used to so different. "What did you want to be when you grow up?" Used to be such a huge question, and now were all grown up or getting closer. Crazy how fast life flies bye and how blessed we are by every day God gives us and all the roses.