Friday, December 23, 2011

Chistmas Doggie(=

      Yester day we ( we being me, Joanna, and Gavin) went shopping!! Witch BTW is crazy to do this closed to X-mass!! We also added a new member to the Hamp family, His name is MAX!!!!(= He is a Zuchon puppy. (=  Max is super cuddly like a little bear!! (= Whenever Gavin touches him he cheers for him self! (=  Gavin has had fun dumping  Max's water bowl. (= Max loves to sit in the lap of who ever is at the computer!! (= When you throw a ball Max will chase it look at it then walk back to you without the ball, its super cute!!          

MAX!!(= <3

Last night we watched white Christmas while eating cookies and drinking hot sider ! (= it was so pleasant!!
I wish you a merry Christmas!! 
  In Him!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


    Christmas is coming up! I have been busy making Christmas cards, Christmas boxes,  and rapping gifts!

Christmas is a good reason to get creative!! 

    I Love frank Sinatra Christmas music!! Thursday me and Joelly are going to be finishing our Christmas shopping!

Two Sundays ago we went to silver dollar city and Rachel made me ride, rides. I did enjoy them though i do not understand why all the screaming ( Joelly says that's because i am like my brother.) 

I was pondering on the idea of this time of the year and what Jesus did for us, when i decided to go use the Google and thats when i found this poem that i feel fits this Christmas.

Celebrate this Christmas 
The birth of God’s Holy Son 
Give praise and thanks 
For all that God has done 
The miracles at this time 
Are all too often hard to see 
All of our time is spent 
Buying presents for under the tree 
Don’t forget the reason 
Behind this glorious day 
Was a babe born in a manger 
On that blessed Christmas Day 
His life was laid down for us 
Christ, he gave us his all 
To suffer our sins for us 
In hopes that no one would fall 
Our sins have been forgiven 
All that’s asked is we believe 
There are no words to express 
The love he has for us 
Remember how he suffered 
Before he died on the cross 
Worship him this Christmas 
Fall on bended knee 
Lift your voices singing praises 
Let him be all you need 
Though presents and decorations 
Are a lot of fun 
Give thanks to God this Christmas 
He gave the most precious gift to us, 
The life of his only Son
--Stephanie Cherie Burger

I cant get it to look non weird sorry. )=

Homes my favorite place!(=

I smell Christmas cookies (=

God bless!!
Have a great Christmas!!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Crazyness is always better with some NOS! (=


    Its been a while! I spent the weekend in Branson with my dad my siblings and Friend CJ!! My littlest brother Nicky is getting really tall. (= My sister is almost as tall as me!! ( I think this means either i am short or she is tall.) Eli ( another brother younger than me) is really intelligent and I always enjoy a good conversation with him. My Dad brought me down his old laptop so that was HAPPY (= (=!! <3

    On the first day we took a 2 mile long walk on the strip and went to see the Dottons ( who are aside from being a family show in Branson, are old family friends.) I my brother and his girl friend showed up to see the show with us. We got home around 5 and i was in bed by 11. The next day we hung out at the hotel untill we went to see my sister for thanks giving. The fourth day I ended up staying with CJ and we went to the IMAX to see a movie. I got home at 9 this morning and at 10 I took a nap but woke up because i have a stupid cold and cant sleep.

     I was very grateful to get to talk to the children about god in person! (= <3 I love god so much and I am so thankful they got to see that in me! I really love that threw god we have the truth and don't have to stumble around in darkness. I really hope God can use me to help them. God is so AMAZING!!! <3!!! (=

                                          It was a big head ... it made sense to stand in front of it!! (=

    BYE (=

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I made a new back ground!! (=  I will post more after this weekend!!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I am sitting at the library ( witch on a side note is a very nice pass time!) While i have been here i have played words with friends (witch is a great game.) I have also been looking up cool quotes witch i will share with you. "whatever weakens your reason, impairs the tenderness of your conscience, obscures your sense of God, or takes off your relish of spiritual things; in short, whatever increases the strength and authority of your body over your mind, that thing is sin to you, however innocent it may be in itself."
-- Susanna Wesley 

Knowing when to admit you're over your head takes courage.
~ Kevin Clash

It is often times like this while i am sitting in a quite  place (or any place) with people around me I seem to notice how I am never thankful enough that i have Jesus. If it wasn't for him I don't know where i would be. Are God is an uber epic God!! (=

Untill the future!! (=
In Him!! (=

Saturday, November 12, 2011



     Today has been fun. (= I went Christmas shopping and found a tun of UBER cute jackets TJ-MAX! Gavie threw up in wall marts ( awkward turtle) and got my ears pierced!!

     I found this really cool poem about what a Godly woman is! Proverbs 31 says allot on the matter.

A woman of beauty
A woman of grace
A woman of excellence
Beholding God's face

She walks with the Lord
With integrity
Knowing her purpose
And destiny

No matter what happens
She walks in God's love
Reflecting the beauty
Of her Father above


I really <3 My earrings!! (=
 Ears are pierced!!(=
 I was kinda afraid of the lady!!
Until next time!
In him!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

 My about me is not working so I am making my first post " about me."

HI!! My name Tabbi!(= I love God <3!! I like good art, books on rainy days, PIE<3, Converse, worship music ( and well Frank Sinatra), running, OH and I "play" violin ( I am learning.) God has blessed me with a EPIC big brother<3. I have EPIC friends who are NINJA because they love Jesus.

I hope you like my blog (=
        P.S. I Love saying things are UBER, true UBER is probably not a real word but its my word and its happy <3 (=

Remember! In everything you do, do it as unto the lord! (=

God bless!!