Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Miss Manners

      There is a book I so dearly love! The titte is " Miss Manners (Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Behavior.)
Did i mention i have a greta deal of love for this book? I should like to share with you  some of my favorite things " Miss Manners" says in this book.

      I would first like to share with you a few letters that people wrote to "Miss Manners" ( and her responce of course.)

      Dear Miss Manners:
What is the proper age for baptism?
     Dear reader:
It varies... For example, have you just been born or were you born again?

    Dear Miss Manners:
Don't you think that nowadays, in modern life, the old-fashioned custom of the condolence call is out of date?
   Gentle Reader:
Why is that? Is it because people don't die anymore, or is it because the bereaved no longer need comfort of their friends? Miss Manners is always interested in hearing about how life has been improved by modern thinking.....

    Dear Miss Manners:
What would you think is the proper way to walk in heals?
   Gentle Reader:
Left, right, left ,right,left,right,left.

     At a Washington embassy dinner party, the king of Morocco plunged his fingers into his teacup and wiped them on his napkin. He had to his guessed, President Kennedy, had done it first.

This is an amazingly funny book!!

What have you been reading lately?

In him!


  1. ROFLOL!!! I love the part about walking in the heels! <3

  2. lol!! That is so cute! <3 I would like that book too. :D I love the one about the "old-fashioned custom of condolence." HAHA!

  3. It is an epic book! (= Thanks girly's!!