Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Retreat 2012!

Hey guys!
Have you played ultimate everything this week?? No? Hehe I have!! There was a lot more to retreat than just ULTIMATE EVERYTHING! God did some pretty amazing things and answered prayers!

Allen Griffen isms " Toe fungus." " O snap Gods real."  "Kill kill kill kill kill."

He made a lot of good point! We should "KILL" sin everyday. We should die to save another ( this one was my fav).


 The black dude was our speaker... HE'S COOL!
 The dude in PINCK ( yes that is how we spell pink) Is Christian dude our team leader!
 Elana and Megan
The Gibbons Girl ready to help us with our cheer!
"We're big, We mean, We're Cute, We're clean"
Don't ask.... It was Christians idea..
Needless to say... we lost! 
But we were clean!!

Okay  maybe not clean but Cute

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